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Launching into the world
With the strength of our local communities


  • To foreigners
    2020/02/28[no lecture] Child Japanese classroom
  • To foreigners
    2020/02/26Regarding the new strain of Coronavirus
  • Other news
    2020/02/20Cancellation of lectures and events due to concern regarding the spread of the new coronavirus
  • Activity report
    2020/02/18【Report】 Homevisit event
  • The Ota City world around
    2020/02/13The Ota City world of voice actor Ryo Kuratomi around <ninth country India>
  • International Exchange Volunteer
    2020/02/07International exchange volunteer registration update 2020
  • Lecture, event information
    2020/01/16[cancellation] World culture lecture [the Kingdom of Thailand culture lecture & cooking class]
  • The next foreigner
    2020/01/15Introducing a Foreign National Working in Ota City
  • Volunteer for foreign residents at times of disaster
    2020/01/14[cancellation] Let's speak "plain Japanese"! Lecture on Communication with Foreigners
  • The Ota City world around
    2020/01/10The Ota City world of voice actor Ryo Kuratomi around <eighth country Thailand>

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