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[no lecture] Child Japanese classroom

(postscript) do with no lecture with new coronavirus infection spread about child Japanese classroom until the end of March on February 27, 2020 [announcement of no lecture]. It is Japanese classroom for preschool child in the foreign family register. We open a course in two places of Kamata and Omori. Contents of study As meet all conditions or less <object> including words of read/write of hiragana letter, katakana, kanji, school life and everyday life, and child, Japanese such as nationality is inconvenient; is (from preschool Ota City residence, 6 years old to 15 years old...
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To foreigners

Regarding the new strain of Coronavirus

English (English) Chinese (chubunkantai) Chinese (chubunhantai) Korean (한국어) Tagalog (Tagalog) Vietnamese (Tiếng việt) Nepalese (नेपाली) ■What is the Coronavirus? ・The new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19), first discovered in China in December 2019, is an infectious virus that affects the respiratory system. ・netsuyasekigaderu disease (thumbtack...
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Cancellation of lectures and events due to concern regarding the spread of the new coronavirus

 As of February 19th, 2020, Ota City has decided in principle that all public city-organized events scheduled to be held in March shall be canceled or postponed until further notice, as a precautionary measure to protect our citizens against the spread of the new coronavirus infection.  With regard to this, all lectures and events organized by GOCA that were scheduled to be held in March have now been canceled. We apologize deeply for any inconvenience caused by this.  Lecture to hold in our association after April...
Activity report

【Report】 Homevisit event

We held homevisit event to become the first attempt in GOCA. Host family which had you accept this time was 11 families, and 30 foreigners including China and Vietnam participated led by foreign student who went to Japanese school in ward. In each family, we seem to have been able to spend "we talked about each other's countries and families" time fun each when "we did karuta play" when "we played the piano and sang" when "product ate okonomiyaki" when "we experienced tea ceremony". In addition, for each other, cannot readily do it in everyday life; as was able to experience, is enriched at all...
The Ota City world around

The Ota City world of voice actor Ryo Kuratomi around <ninth country India>

The ninth country is India. We heard story from the JR Kamata Station east exit in various ways about India in Indian ingredients restaurant "India bazaar" of a 3-minute walk. ← article, please click this image. [shop which we heard from interview this time] Bazaar in India ●Business hours: 12:30-21:30 is open throughout the year ●Address: 5-20-6, Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo ●Telephone: As for the details of 03-5744-7834 shop, please see this.
International Exchange Volunteer

International exchange volunteer registration update 2020

[2019 international exchange volunteers] Registration of current international exchange volunteer is until (the end of March, 2020) this year. About volunteer registration of the next fiscal year (from April, 2020 to March, 2021), we continue registering, or I would like notification that you do not continue. Person who continues registering by any of the following method "hopes" and "does not hope" for not to continue. In addition, please inform contents which you registered in people who wish to register first of the contents when there is change. [contact method] Web four with method 1 or less...
Lecture, event information

[cancellation] World culture lecture [the Kingdom of Thailand culture lecture & cooking class]

※This lecture was canceled. We hold Thai culture lecture, cooking class by Thai (Bangkok native place) Saito rutaitippu of announcement of cancellation Kingdom of Thailand culture lecture & cooking class Ota City residence such as lectures accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread. Does person who was able to come from Thailand come to neighborhood of everybody and acquaintance? It is about a little less than 500 people of Thai nationality or, in Ota City, lives. Thai dishes became imminent, too and became able to enjoy taste of Thailand casually recently. It is Thailand at the time of rice riot of Heisei again...
The next foreigner

Introducing a Foreign National Working in Ota City

From no experience to a vocation in nursing care! Nursing care is wonderful work that brings people smiles and happiness! Work of care staff Okawa sharuin (the Philippines) social welfare corporation Ikegami Chojuen Ota Ward special elderly nursing home Kamata care was unfamiliar in mother country, and it was not revealed what kind of job it was. I had previously done different jobs, such as bed-making. But my father recommended nursing care, so I decided to give it a try. As for the technical term of care, the Japanese staff of the circumference is gen tteirukamowakarima in anything in having been start from zero...
Volunteer for foreign residents at times of disaster

[cancellation] Let's speak "plain Japanese"! Lecture on Communication with Foreigners

※This lecture was canceled. Let's speak announcement of cancellation "plain Japanese" such as lectures accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread! It is good not to be able to speak communication lecture foreign language with foreigner! We learn "plain Japanese" which reaches foreigner, and let's make use for communication with foreigner! There are about 24,000 foreigners in Ota City, and the number of the nationality exceeds 120 countries. It is the ideal to tell information in mother tongue for all foreigners, but is impossible practically. In addition, all are laws of nature in English...
The Ota City world around

The Ota City world of voice actor Ryo Kuratomi around <eighth country Thailand>

The eighth country is country Thailand of smile. We heard story in various ways about Thailand in "Tice mile kitchen" in arcade street close to JR Omori Station. ← article, please click this image. [shop which we heard from interview this time] Tice mile kitchen ●Business hours: It is fixed closing day 00~23 30 17 00~14 11 on 00 Sunday ●Address: 1-29-6, Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo Adachi Building 2F ●Telephone: As for the details of 03-3764-1204 shop, please see this.
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