International Exchange Volunteer

Global City Ota Cooperation Association (GOCA) is looking for volunteers who are willing to get involved with our work by utilizing their abilities and experiences.
Please see details below, and if you are interested, register as an International Exchange Volunteer! We look forward to your registration.
Feel free to invite your family and friends.

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International Exchange Volunteer

International exchange volunteer registration update 2020

[2019 international exchange volunteers] Registration of current international exchange volunteer is until (the end of March, 2020) this year. About volunteer registration of the next fiscal year (from April, 2020 to March, 2021), we continue registering, or I would like notification that you do not continue. Person who continues registering by any of the following method "hopes" and "does not hope" for not to continue. In addition, please inform contents which you registered in people who wish to register first of the contents when there is change. [contact method] Web four with method 1 or less...
International Exchange Volunteer

Registration Procedure

Fill out the application form and send to GOCA. The application form can be downloaded from this page.
International Exchange Volunteer

Volunteer Activities

There are five kinds of volunteers. As an international exchange volunteer, depending on your preference, ability or skills, you may be involved with one or more of the following activities. Anyone who aged 15 years or older, and who lives, works or attends school in Ota City, can register. You can register for multiple kinds of activities. A) The expected activities include interpretation at an event or of necessary communication, and translation of written information, newsletters, etc. There are also activities where you will have the chance to teach Japanese or your native language. This is for those who are proficient in foreign languages and Japanese....
International Exchange Volunteer

Example of volunteer activity

In the fiscal year of 2018, about 90 international exchange volunteers played an active part in our association and city-run events. Here we will introduce some examples. Cooking assistance at foreign cuisine cooking classes. The volunteers received explanation from the lecturer in advance and supported participants throughout the workshop. In the Global City Ota Festival in "Sora no Hi" held in September 2018, the volunteers guided and called in visitors to the GOCA booth. In addition, some of the volunteers introduced and talked with the visitors about the their home country. Others introduced Japanese culture or information that they are familiar with....
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